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basic information

  tunnel freezers precisely freeze and refrigerate a wide range of bulk products in the food processing industry. The tunnel freezer can process 200-2000kg per hour, ensuring the highest degree of food quality and maximum freezing flexibility.

  Commercial IQF Tunnel Freezer For Vegetables

  1、Product Application:

  1). Aquatic products: raw shrimp, shrimp, fish meat, shells, etc.;

  2). Meat: poultry meat, cut meat, etc.;

  3). Noodles: dumplings, steamed stuffed buns, glutinous rice balls, spring rolls, etc.;

  4). Conditioning food: marinated products, prepared dishes, etc.

  2、Product Description:

  The shape of the tunnel freezer is a rectangular tunnel, in which cold air circulates and food is quickly frozen when passing

  through the tunnel.

  The device has simple structure, fast freezing speed, can realize continuous production, and is suitable for assembly line

  processing. The food can be frozen within 60 minutes, and the center temperature can reach below -18°C. Incoming

  temperature/outgoingtemperature: +15°C/-18°C. The equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with HACCP

  requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety.

  3、Product Categories

  According to the different conveyor belts, it can be divided into mesh belt tunnel quick freezer and plate belt tunnel

  quick freezer.

  Mesh Belt Tunnel Quick Freezer

  The mesh belt tunnel quick freezer is suitable for quick-freezing processing of seafood, poultry meat, vegetables,

  fruits, pasta, dairy products and other foods. The freezing amount can be 100Kg/h--2000Kg/h.

  Structural features:

  a 、Simple structure, convenient operation and long service life.

  b 、The conveying mesh belt is made of high-strength SUS304 stainless steel mesh, which is safer to use, and the

  frozen products will not leave traces directly on the surface of the mesh belt. Mesh belt width can be selected upon request.

  c 、According to the production requirements, the combination of single and double mesh belts can be selected.

  d 、The thermal insulation storage body is made of double-sided SUS304 stainless steel polyurethane storage board,

  with inspection doors, double-layer sealing devices and heating devices to prevent freezing.

  e 、The air guide device in the warehouse adopts high-efficiency and low-noise axial flow fan and thermal fluctuation technology,

  and the freezing efficiencyis increased by about 15%-30%.

  f 、Use water to wash the cream to ensure cleanliness. The evaporator is made of aluminum alloy material, aluminum tube and

  aluminum fins, which is easy to clean. The design of variable blade distance can effectively prevent frost blocking and prolong

  the timeof frost flushing. The unique liquid supply method makes the heat exchange more sufficient and the effect more obvious.

  g、 The imported frequency converter realizes inorganic speed regulation, and the freezing time can be adjusted continuously

  according to the needs, which can adapt to various freezing processes.

  h、 Stainless steel electric control box, stable quality, safe and reliable, easy to operate. The control system is equipped with

  a special alarmdevice andan emergency button to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

  4、Product Performance Characteristics

  1). The "heat fluctuation" blowing method is adopted, and the freezing speed is fast;

  2). Rapid freezing at -35°C;

  3). It is made of 304 stainless steel spring wire, and the surface is flat; the imported frequency converter is used to realize stepless

  speed regulation;

  4). The cooling fan adopts variable blade pitch, and the frosting interval is long to ensure the continuity of production;

  5). The warehouse body is made of polyurethane foam, double-sided 304 stainless steel, good heat preservation effect, hygienic and easy to clean.

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