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basic information

Product name: Type B mesh belt conveyor
Mesh belt selection:
Wire diameter: 0.9-3.2mm
Pitch: 4-22.23mm
Net width: 10-3000mm

Applicable industry:

Food cooling and cooling, cold and fresh meat conveying, baking conveying, frying conveying and other industries. The B mesh belt conveyor has the advantages of flexible rotation, good stability, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, good air permeability, uniform tension, and fine workmanship. The B mesh belt conveyor has a large opening area (opening 70-85%), and is often used in cooling, frying, baking, drying, heating, decoration, powder coating and packaging equipment of lighter weight products.

Food conveyor line, biscuit conveyor line, bread conveyor line, cake sushi conveyor line, frozen food conveyor line, dried fruit and roasted food conveyor line, condiment conveyor line, edible fungus conveyor line, beverage bottled water conveyor line, factory material conveyor line, etc.

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