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basic information

Product name: 360 degree curve conveyor

Material: Carbon steel, SS201, SS304, SS316


Product features:

1.Good corrosion resistance, high strength, durable, good surface, clean, highly polished, low and high temperature resistance. 2.Every piece of chain has a support rod, it has good bearing capacity and smooth surface.

3.Smooth operation, no skid, no deviation.
4.Save space, carrying capacity is large.

 Product application:
Automatic delivery, distribution and connecting delivery of food, canned goods, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics and detergent, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco, etc. Goods cleaning, air drying, drying, freezing and so on. 

Frame size:

Width: 0.5m -- 1.5m 

Turning Angle: 90 degrees /180 degrees /360 degrees

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