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basic information

The plastic belt conveyor is an upgraded version of a traditional belt conveyor, and solves problems such as a belt that was easily torn, punctured, or corroded in previous versions. The system provides a safe, fast and simple delivery method that is easy to maintain.

Frame material: carbon steels, stainless steels.

Belt material: PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), ACETAL (ACETAL), NYLON (NYLON) and other materials. (Some belt types meet FDA and USDA criterions, thus the material is widely used in food processing industries)

Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Drive model

gear motor

Speed adjustment mod

frequency control, continuously variable transmission

Note: The above parameters are common specifications only, and we do offer customization services.


1、The plastic belt conveyor features a modular plastic conveyor belt driven by chain. This ensures the belt will not reroute itself or move in the wrong direction.

2、It requires no lubrication or tightening.

3、Depending on the various thickness levels, the plastic belt withstands cutting and collision, as well as features an oil and water resistance- all of which adds to a long service life.

4、The plastic belt conveyor moves smoothly, and products are attached to the belt in order to avoid damage.

5、System cleaning and maintenance is simple.

6、Operation is simple, which reduces labor costs and ensures employee safety.

7、System maintenance is quick and easy.

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