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Jiexun Attends the 2023 Ho Chi Minh Fisheries and Fisheries Exhibition in Vietnam

2023/08/24 14:44
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The 2023 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Aquaculture and Fisheries Exhibition (VIETFISH) will be held from August 23 to 25 at the Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The Vietnam International Aquaculture and Fisheries Exhibition will be hosted by the Vietnamese Ministry of Fisheries, and the 20th Vietnam International Aquaculture and Fisheries Exhibition, organized by the Vietnam Aquaculture Processing Export Association (VASEP), will be held at the Ho Chi Minh International Exhibition Center in Vietnam. The exhibition has been successfully held for 19 sessions since 1999 and is an important industry event in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. In the last exhibition, there were a total of 350 exhibitors from over 20 countries. Among them, 40 enterprises in China participated. The majority of visitors come from over 30000 countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, India, South Korea, Pakistan, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and China.

Exhibition scope:

Cold chain freezing equipment for aquatic products: ice maker, cold storage, quick freezing equipment, insulation equipment;

Aquatic products: seafood frozen products, seafood live products, dry products, frozen products, fish mince, paste, canned fish, aquatic crafts, seasonings.

Fisheries: various types of aquatic processing, marine fishing, and deep-sea fisheries; Aquatic product freezing and refrigeration technology and equipment;

Shandong Jiexun Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of quick freezing solutions and equipment for aquatic products, providing various types of tunnel quick freezing machines, spiral quick freezing machines, quick freezing tunnels and supporting conveyor line equipment, as well as various types of seafood such as frozen shrimp and fish, fish balls, scallop pillars, etc. Freon -40 degrees Celsius cooling for better preservation. Jiexun booth constantly receives customer inquiries and wins the welcome of new and old customers


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