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Jiexun and You Meet on June 14-17, ProPak Asia, Bangkok International Packaging Exhibition, Thailand

2023/07/01 14:02
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ProPak Asia,the regional's number one international trade event for Food, Drink&Pharmaceutical Processing & Packaging Technology, is a part of ProPak exhibition series running across the globe-Myanmar,India,Philippines, Middle East & North Africa,Vietnam,and China.

ProPak Asia truly is the“Must-Attend” industry event in Asia for Asia, as quality and variety of products increase and expand, and productivity of operations and manufacturing standards are driven higher by consumer demands and new automation and technological advances, which will be presented at the show.

ProPak Asia是该地区首屈一指的食品、饮料和药品加工包装技术国际贸易活动,是ProPak在缅甸、印度、菲律宾、中东和北非、越南和中国举办的系列展览的一部分。
随着产品质量和种类的不断提高和扩大,以及消费者需求和新的自动化和技术进步提高了运营生产力和制造标准,ProPak Asia成为亚洲“必参加”的行业盛会。

Show Title(展会名称):
ProPak Asia - The 30th International Processing and Packaging Technology Event for Asia
(第30届泰国曼谷国际包装展ProPak Asia)

14-17 June 2023

10.00-18.00 Hrs. (GMT+7 Bangkok Time)

BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand
(泰国曼谷 · 国际贸易展览中心)

Shandong Jiexun Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. has participated in various large-scale international exhibitions for many years. At the Bangkok Packaging Exhibition in Thailand, Jiexun will bring the new 2023 food quick freezing and cooling equipment to the exhibition.

             Packaging Tech Asia Area
                   BOOTH NO.T58                               

Exhibition Scope:

· Beer brewing&beverage technology and equipment, food packaging machinery, food processing technology, drug packaging, pharmaceutical equipment, and cosmetics processing and treatment technology;

·PET and plastic packaging technology and machinery, particle packaging equipment, packaging plastic containers, packaging rawmaterials,beverage,production,paper/plastic/paper/glass/metalpackaging equipment, dairy production, canning/processing, sterilization equipment, labeling technology, flexible packaging technology, cosmetics packaging and processing technology;

· Production raw materials and additives, refrigeration and freezing technology, candy machinery operation equipment, liquid food production, food production/processing, liquid seasoning production, bottle cap processing equipment, automation and control systems, measurement and control systems, laboratory equipment, resource reuse and environmental protection equipment, energy management, beverage supply equipment, research institutions and consulting companies, and other related industries.

· 啤酒酿造&饮料技术及设备、食品包装机械、食品加工技术、药品包装、制药设备和化妆品加工及处理技术;
· PET和塑料包装技术和机械、颗粒包装设备、包装塑料容器、包装原材料、饮料生产、纸版/塑料/纸/玻璃/金属包装设备、乳品生产、罐装/加工、杀菌设备、贴标技术、柔性包装技术、化妆品包装和处理技术;
· 生产原料及添加剂、冷藏和冷冻技术、糖果类机械操作设备、液态食品生产、食品生产/加工、液体调味品生产、瓶盖加工设备,自动化及控制系统、测 量及控制系统、实验室设备、资源再利用及环保设备、能源管理,饮料供应设备、科研机构及咨询顾问公司及其它相关行业。

Shandong Jiexun, a solution and equipment supplier for the food cooling and frozen food industry. A physical factory specializing in the production and sales of tunnel type freezers, spiral freezers, and supporting assembly line conveying and cooling equipment. Jiexun provides one-stop service throughout the entire process, and your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit.


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