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Q: Are you a manufacturer?

Answer: Yes, We have our own factory in Shandong, China, more than 10 years 


Q: Can you offer free sample?

Answer: Yes, but usually the customer need to pay the freight, We'll send back the courier charge if you make an order.


Q: What information should I provide, if I want the lowest quotation?

Answer: The specification of wire mesh belt.such as material, mesh number, wire diameter etc.


Q: Can I customize the products?

Answer: Yes, our conveyors and conveyor belts need to be produced according to your needs or specifications. The production speed is fast and the delivery is fast. 


Q: How do you ship finished screen?

Answer: Usually by sea, land, air, express delivery.


Q: How about the delivery time?

Answer: Usually within 15- 20 days, the customized order may need longer time


Q: How about the payment terms?

Answer: We usually use the T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union.


Q: Other related issues?

Answer: If you have any other questions, you can send us an email, and we will reply to you within 24h, thank you.